Our Story

Three Barrel Project started during harvest 2013 when two friends, Outi & Samuli, working together in a winery in New Zealand, drank just the right amount of wine and realised that the vintage was looking excellent and decided to buy Pinot Noir grapes from the vineyard they tended.

The idea took hold, grapes were purchased and fermented, and three barrels of Pinot Noir were stored for maturing. At the time of the winemaking the wine was named ‘Aatami’, after Outi's godson in Finland. 

The path continued to Bordeaux where during harvest 2014, again working together, we managed to lease a parcel of 25-year-old Sauvignon Blanc vines and purchase local Sauvignon Gris grapes. These were fermented together in barrels and carefully aged on lees.

Two wines under the belt we needed a plan. We now had three barrels of ‘Aatami’ Pinot Noir from New Zealand, 4 barrels of Bordeaux Blanc, and a third partner in crime helping us, Outi’s sister Suvi. We had a board meeting one day in the sun under the vines in Bordeaux and formed a company and called it - Three Barrel Project.

After Aatami and L'Antidote Blanc from Bordeaux we will have new wines to be released from harvests 2014 and 2015, and new projects are in the pipeline for the future. We also import wines we like from around the world made by fellow winemaking friends. We believe in simple winemaking techniques and sustainable viticulture. We look for balance and enjoyability in the wines we make and import. 

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